Mo’s Garden Bath Body & Foot Soak
Mo’s Garden is full of nature’s wonders! Our products are made with all natural locally grown ingredients. MG’s herb & dried flower blends are perfect for long baths or a deep tissue foot soak. From soothing lavender to cool and calm rosemary any blend is the perfect unwind from a busy day. Our herb blends, carrier oils, and Epsom salts work wonderfully with most skin types. 

Simply run hot water in bath or foot basin and sprinkle desired amount of Epsom salts and flower herb blends into the water. Soak for 5 minutes and the apply oil to hands or feet and body as desired, soak for 15 to 20 minutes in water while massaging feet and body. Rinse and Pat dry to lock in moisture. Works best when used with PCS Aroma’s #IceCreamButterBay body butter and sugar scrubs. Enjoy silky soft and visibility beautiful skin forever. A little goes a long way sis!

This product is grown and distributed by Mo’s Garden in Lawrenceville Ga.

Mo’s Garden Bath Body & Foot Soak

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